The Rikers is A Death Camp Week of Action from Monday, January 23rd to Friday, January 27th to demand the closure of all jails on Rikers Island, the immediate release of folks inside, and a stop to the construction of four more jails in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

All materials here.

💻Monday Jan 23: Social Media Storm & Public Launch of rikersisadeath.camp Website 💻
We are publicly launching rikersisadeath.camp, an online memorial created to help ensure that those whose lives were taken by the state, and more specifically by the New York Department of Corrections, are never forgotten and that we continue and amplify demands for the closure of Rikers and mass releases. Link to doc here.

Image Description: Black background with top text that says “Blast it on social media:” and text below says”Rikers Is A Death Camp!” The text below says “Use the Toolkit (bit.ly/zaprikers) to join us in: 1. Sharing a post about your abolitionist vision for shutting down Rikers. 2. Sharing the newly-launched rikersisadeath.camp website. 3. Amplifying the fundraiser for Edgardo Mejias, one of the 19 people killed on Rikers this year.”


📜Tuesday: Fliers for Everyone 📜
Flyers will be available at Our House Info Shop and to print or distribute in your neighborhood, or even to take a picture of and flyer. Alternatively, get a marker and draw! Some examples here.  Using the graphics on the rikersisadeath.camp website, we are going to flier and knock doors wherever we are!

Talk to your neighbors or coworkers about what is going on, why this is important, and how they can help shut down this deathmaking institution. Not yet ready to engage people so directly? You can just slip the one-pager under their door, put one on their desk, hand them out in the campus quad, tape it on electric boxes or lamp posts, etc!  


💌Wednesday: Fuck the Letter Ban – Phone / Email / Social Media Zap 💌
Please join us on Wednesday, January 25th from 11 AM to 12 PM EST for a phone / email / social media zap targeting Commissioner Louis Molina and the Board of Corrections over the Department of Correction’s decision last fall to request that physical mail be eliminated on Rikers and replaced with scanned texts to prisoners. If you can’t join, here are images + script.


💵Thursday: Fund the Inside💵

Send commissary funds, and fund the inside, or share the fundraiser of someone who is incarcerated. Here are some ongoing commissary funds: 
Survived & Punished NY Mutual Aid Commissary Fund
Repro Legal Defense Fund (includes commissary & bail)
F2L Relief Fund 
Parole Preparation Project Welcome Home Fund
Funds for Edgardo Mejias Family
Commissary Funds for M in Rikers (put “M” in msg)


🪧Friday: Day of Rage and Remembrance🪧  

An action to close NY’s death camps. Shut down Rikers, No New Jails, Free Them All. 

Image Description: Black and white photo shows a guard standing outside a sign for Rikers Island Correctional Facility. The text on the right says “To close NY’s death camps.” And text below says “Shut down Rikers. No New Jails. Free Them All” ...followed by a black-and-white photo of a gate to the Dachau concentration camp, which reads "Arbeit Macht Frei" ("Work Will Set You Free." On the bottom right is a logo for Outlive Them NYC and Rikers.Info.